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I studied economics at Auckland University from 1984-1990. Came to the UK in 1990, and worked at what used to be called Wye College (now Imperial) teaching quantitative materials to agricultural economists. Did my PhD (Econometrics in the Agricultural Sector) at Wye College, University of London, between 1993 and 1996, and stayed until 2005 (through 5 Imperial years). I started in Reading at the beginning of 2006.

My field is applied econometrics. The agricultural focus came as result of working at Wye.  The agricultural sector dominates the publications, but there is a fair bit of non-Ag stuff as well.  Historically, my work has been more classical and time-series focused. However, more recently I have been working on Bayesian approaches, particularly of a choice modelling nature, including models of risk and uncertainty. 



Some Recent Work

Balcombe, K. Fraser I., and McSorely E. Visual Attention and Attribute Attendance in Multi-Attribute Choice Experiments. JAE Revise June 19th.pdf (Forthcoming in Journal of Applied Econometrics).


Balcombe K. and Fraser I. Parametric Preference Functionals Under Risk in the Gain Domain: A Bayesian Analysis CPT RDU Paper 2nd December 2013.pdf ( Forthcoming in the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty)


Balcombe K. and Fraser I. Are Transient Explosive Roots the Generic Signature of Bubbles in Markov Switching Models?  New Bubbles Paper Nov 2014.pdf (with tables and graphs in Graphs.pdf . Supplementary materials can be found here. Bubbles Supplementary Materials.xlsx


Refereed Journal Articles by Type


For access to a subset of the publications below visit Kelvin Balcombe at IDEAS


Refereed Publications by Journal Type



1.        Balcombe K. and Fraser I. Parametric Preference Functionals under Risk in the Gain Domain: A Bayesian Analysis. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty (2105, Forthcoming)

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Agricultural/Food Economics

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Other Journal Types

67.    Breeze, T. D., Bailey, A. P., Balcombe, K. G. and Potts, S. G. Costing conservation: an expert appraisal of the pollinator habitat benefits of England's entry level stewardship. Biodiversity and Conservation (2014) 23 (5) 1193-1214

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Book Chapters and Other Publications (Excluding Working Papers or Reports)


1.      Buckwell, A.E., Davis, J.R., Balcombe, K and S. Davidova (1994) Food Consumption During Economic Transformation. In:  Privatization of Agriculture in New Market Economies: Lessons from Bulgaria,  Klewer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands

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5.      Balcombe K. (2009) The Nature and Determinants of Volatility in Agricultural Prices: An Empirical Study from 1962-2008. Proceedings from FAO Workshop. November, 2009 


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