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Books / Articles

The Power of Prayer, Historical, theoretical and psychological interpretations of intercession. Affirming Catholicism Series (DLT, 2005) (download here)

'Stephen of Ripon and the Bible: allegorical and typological interpretations of the Life of St Wilfrid', Early Medieval Europe, 9, July 2000 (preview here)

Academic Reviews (all for Modern Believing Journal):

Review of ‘David Brown, God and Enchantment of Place. Reclaiming Human Experience’, Modern Believing (2005).

Review of ‘Robin Gill, The ‘Empty’ Church Revisited’, Modern Believing (January, 2005)

Review of ‘David Cheetham, John Hick. A Critical Introduction and Reflection’, Modern Believing (July, 2004)

Review of ‘E. Arweck and M. D. Stringer (eds.), Theorizing Faith. The Insider/Outsider Problem in the Study of Religion’, Modern Believing (January, 2004)

Review of ‘M. Percy and I. Jones (eds.), Fundamentalism: Church and Society’, Modern Believing (July, 2003)

Review of ‘Richard K. Fenn, The Return of the Primitive: A New Sociological Theory of Religion’, Modern Believing (April, 2003)


Popular Reviews (mainly published on my blog)

Films / TV

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

The Convent (and The Convent Bites Back)



The Gospel of Judas

Saving Power, Theories of Atonement and Forms of The Church

This Thing of Darkness


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