LOGO and natural language


Local students

Reading students working in the local labs use either Logo PLUS for the Macintosh - Version 2.0.2 - or the older Terrapin Logo for the Macintosh. These are both commercial products. For more details on this implementation you should contact the suppliers:

Terrapin Software, Inc.
10 Holworthy Street
MA 02138

E-mail: 71760.366@compuserve.com
Fax: 800-776-4610 or 617-492-4610

Freeware Logo

A very nice freeware version of Logo, called Berkeley Logo, has been written by a team led by Brian Harvey (see Bibliography for references to his three-part introduction to Logo, Computer Science Logo Style, and take a peep at his own Home Page). The software is available for download in versions for:

The dialect implemented is ever so very slightly different from Terrapin Logo/Logo PLUS but the User Manual will easily help overcome any minor difficulties this may cause.

Ron Brasington
Department of Linguistic Science
The University of Reading

E-mail: ron.brasington@rdg.ac.uk