(A Prolog interface to UPSID)

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This page links describes and links to an early version of a tool designed to access information on the 317 phonological systems represented in UPSID - the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database - developed by Ian Maddieson at the University of California, Los Angeles and presented in Maddieson, I. (1985). Patterns of sounds. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Software and hardware requirements

This old prolog interface was written using LPA MacProlog32 and should still run on any pre OSX Macintosh computer. It is provided in two different forms:

The two systems are the same in so far as the built-in tools are concerned, the MacProlog32 dependent form, however, provides users with the opportunity to construct their own queries directly in Prolog.

Both versions of the interface are downloadable from here.

The current system results from a series of updates and modifications to version 2 which were made between Autumn 1996 and Summer 1997. Users of previous incarnations of the interface will find it differs significantly in functionality from earlier versions which were made available on the net. Hopefully it also contains one or two less bugs!

Reference Manual

The Reference Manual Pages can be read on-line or directly copied from this site for local printing.

An Appendix to the manual provides prolog users with details of the data structures and the main prolog relations used into the system.

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The University of Reading

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