There are two objectives in the PHON2 Evaluation process:


       to evaluate the studentís learning resulting from studying phonetics with the help of PHON2;

        to evaluate the usefulness of the material studied so that PHON2 can be improved as a learning tool.


After completing the study of each topic, you are asked to complete the form below. You are asked to print the form, fill it in and hand it to your teacher or course director. At the end of the period of study, there should therefore be ten evaluation forms completed by you.




Course of study:



Topic studied (circle which):


Symbols and Spelling

Variety in Pronunciation




Assimilation and Coarticulation

Syllable, Stress, Accent

Rhythm and Timing


Speech Technology



Overall impression:


What did you think of this topic as an area of study?









Please describe any technical problems you had:









List each item you studied

Where did you find it?

What did you learn?

How good was this material?