1. General introductory reading

For a brief definition of terms, click here.
For introductory reading on the general nature of speech rhythm, click here
For some examples of rhythmical speech, click here

2. Topic 1: Stress-timed and syllable-timed rhythm

For a paper that looks at the question of whether languages can be classed as stress-timed or syllable-timed, click here
For  more recent paper looking at the same issue, click here


3. Topic 2: Rhythm in first and second language acquisition

For a major paper on newborn children's ability to distinguish languages on the basis of rhythm, click here. For a short summary of work in this area (probably the best place to start), click here.
Rhythm and second language acquisition


4. Topic 3: Speech tempo

For a paper discussing the possible differences between speaking rates in different languages, click here

5. Topic 4: P-centers

Introductory note: click
Extracts from original paper: click
P-centers: paper on production and P-centers

6. Research bibliography: click