Phonetics Beyond the Basics


Last Revised Dec 19th 2002

* No further work is planned on this unfinished site, and many links are now no longer workable *

Phon2 was planned as an online phonetics course under the Module for Europe scheme aimed at students who already have an understanding of basic phonetics and who wish to study phonetics at a more advanced level. It was initially aimed at native speakers of Bulgarian, English, French and German.

About the Phon2 "European Module" project

Phon2 was supported by ERASMUS: 30250-IC-1-98-3-UK-ERASMUS-EPS1 and was developed by a collaboration between four European sites. For further information, click here. 

    The University of Reading, UK.
    Peter Roach (Coordinator)
    The University of Saarland, Germany

    Bill Barry, Martine Grice, Jacques Koreman, Bistra Andreeva, Juergen Trouvain
    The University of Sofia, Bulgaria.
    Snezhina Dimitrova, Tanya Kostadinova, Mitko Sabev
    The University of Pau, France.
    Pierre Busuttil, Michael Parsons, Monique Verrac, Tracey Simpson


Free speech analysis software

There are several software packages that can be downloaded from the internet free of charge. Which one you use is a matter of choice and of your particular requirements. For a brief list, click here.

Technical pre-requisites

The Phon2 course makes use of online web-based teaching coupled with PC-based analysis work. It is hoped that the units will be useable by the largest possible audience, however, we have found it necessary to make some specifications for a recommended platform from which the units are designed to be used.

Course structure

The Phon2 course is structured into ten units (see left panel) and each unit is divided into three activities: 
bullet Introduction to the material of the unit and Information from the internet;
bullet Practical Activities, and 
bullet Evaluation

Each topic therefore has three coloured buttons: you should first select I and study the chosen topic, then select A for some practical work. Finally, if you are working with PHON2 under the direction of a teacher, you are asked to select E for evaluation. This will provide you with a form which will enable your teacher to see what you have studied, and also to find out your opinion on the various materials. Your tutor will tell you whether you should use the electronic form or the printable one. If you are working independently, and not with a teacher, you can express your opinions about what you have read on the PHON2 Discussion List. Please do not send evaluation forms to us if you are not studying at one of the four PHON2 universities.

Discussion lists

This is a forum for students to interact and talk about the course. Post questions, give feedback, discuss course content, offer advice. Tell people about interesting websites you find related to the course. Access the PHON2 discussion list.

There is an international discussion list (called PHONETICS) already in use that you can join. It's a way of asking questions and discussing issues in phonetics with fellow-students and with teachers of phonetics. You can sign on to this at